Los Saints Release New EP ‘Welcome To Confusion’

San Diego’s Los Saints has released the new EP Welcome To Confusion on Enci Records.

Of the latest single single “Lost You”, frontman Angel Mariscal says “This song is about facing the fear of love, which I think anyone who’s dealt with trauma from past relationships can relate to. No matter how much time you’ve given yourself to heal, there’s always going to be that leap of faith you have to take.”

With the new 5-track EP, Los Saints (comprised of first-generation Mexican-Americans, cousins Angel Mariscal and Emiliano Garcia, and mutual friend Gianluca Exposito) continue to build off the success of the recent singles “IDK” and “Fouund You Somewhere.” It’s a coming of age record, one that finds the young band striving to make sense of both where they’re from and where they’re going. For Mariscal, that meant making peace with himself after an especially painful breakup, learning that sometimes the end of relationships offer no easy answers.

“I think I was still in shock when I wrote most of the EP because it came together about a week after an abrupt end to my first serious relationship — so abrupt that it was almost like there hadn’t been anything there to begin with,” says Mariscal.