Particles Release ‘Heavy Heart’ Today

After the release of few singles between 2021/22, today is the big day for Particles with the release of their new album Heavy Heart.

Particles’ first album Heavy Heart was released otoday, and it includes 10 songs produced in collaboration with Federico Ascari at Zeta Factory studios in Carpi (IT). The latest singles, which range from alt-rock to pop, they didn’t want to follow the guidelines of a specific genre. However, the transition from one style to another takes place in a fluid way, keeping safe the band identity they’ve built over time.

“This stylistic choice made it easier to express the concept behind every song. We pushed ourselves to new metal sounds for the darkest tracks (‘Cheers To Revenge’, ‘Judas Kisses’ among others), and to synth pop influences in the most captivating or emotional pieces (‘Pleasure’ and ‘Still Ill’). Between these ones you can also find the ‘Heavy Heart’ single, whose video clip premiered on May 26th, anticipating the album. This song is the album manifesto because it best pictures the perspective through which we wrote all the tracks. Behind each one there is in fact a real life story told with a heavy heart. It’s about that kind of anxiety and fear of the unknown becoming more and more suffocating, especially in the current social scenario, that also have a positive side. In fact every discomfort comes to the surface to free us from the rational schemes we are trapped in. Listening to a heavy heart means freeing ourselves from social cages and letting our true selves shine.”