Sweet Teeth Launch New Single ”No Me”

Sweden’s Sweet Teeth returns with the new single ”No Me”. The first release from the band since their 2021 mini-album Acid Rain,  The single is the first taste of the four piece’s upcoming album High Anxiety, set for release in autumn 2022.

“’No me’ was, if we remember correctly, the second song we ever wrote and you can sort of hear that. It is by far the most Hüsker Dü- inspired verse we’ve ever done, and in the beginning we were almost all about the Dü! Lyrically, it handles the most overtly punk stance you can have, namely ”I don’t care what anyone thinks about me and I’ll do what the f* I want”. Childish? Well maybe.. but does it ever get old? Never! The title comes from my nephew Bill, who said ’No me’ when he was angry.”