Bad Moon Born Release Energetic Rendition Of “It’s Gonna Be Me” By NSYNC

Sydney alt-rockers Bad Moon Born are back with a high energy rendition of NSYNC’s 2000 smash hit, “It’s Gonna Be Me”. This will be the band’s first cover since their 2020 release of “Bad Guy” (Billie Eilish).

At the height of the global pandemic, Bad Moon Born released five consecutive singles collectively known as The Heart From the Hollow Series. This body of work displayed to the world what the group is truly capable of, garnering both national and international recognition from music fans and critics alike.

“The lyrical themes and tones in The Heart From the Hollow Series were very personal, and it was quite a confronting experience exploring those topics creatively.’ Vocalist Jordan von Grae shares ‘When we sat down to plan our next moves, we decided that releasing a new cover single would be the perfect way to cleanse the palette ahead of inviting people into the world of our debut album. We tried a few things, and after some convincing, Voya agreed to have a crack at covering *NSYNC. We ended up having so much fun arranging the track, and learning so much from the chordal and melody arrangements that we decided to go full throttle with it. It’s been great getting back into the studio together, and we’re really looking forward to hearing what people think about this release.”