Slowpoke Release New Video “Live In Argentia”

Canadian Doom/Punk/Psychedelic band Slowpoke release a new video – “Live In Argentia”.

In the summer of 2021 St. John’s Doom/Punk/Psychedelic band Recorded Slowpoke Live in Argentia with the help of Johnny Rawkhard, Rick Hollett, Glen Tizzard and Rick Tizzard, and Stephany Donahue. Slowpoke Live in Argentia features live performances of “Stony Iommi” and “Slumlord” against the back drop of an abandoned bunker off the Argentia airstrip in Argentia Newfoundland. We hope you enjoy watching it half as much as we enjoyed making it.

“We chose these two tunes not only because they run into each other well but they also run the gammut of what we do as a band. We packed in high energy punk, Riffs, shoegazy effect wizardry, and even a meditative atmospheric part too.” adds Slowpoke.