GWAR And Devils Backbone to Release “Blood Geyser” Blood Orange IPA

For all of you thirsty fans, GWAR has heard your call and have now partnered up with Devils Backbone to create a true intergalactic elixir of the gods. Behold, Blood Geyser, an intergalactic Blood Orange IPA from GWAR and Devils Backbone. Designed to save the planet from being sucked dry by Bohabs, this delicious swill is brewed to the specific gravity of blood, using hops, blood orange and pure “Berserker Rage.”

Singer Blóthar says, “This is a delicious and heady brew! Grab a tankard of this fine and fruity ale, get loose and kick up your feet and watch the world die, GWAR style!”

GWAR are out now on “The Black Death Rager World Tour ” which hits Washington, DC on Friday, June 10th at the 9:30 Club. Before the show, GWAR will host a limited number of humans at what will be a uniquely infamous GWAR-B-Q event. Food will include Pulled Pork, Smoked Chicken Thighs, BBQ Spare Ribs, BBQ Beans, Collard Greens, Cornbread Biscuits and “Blood Geyser” BBQ Sauce. Be one of the first lucky freaks to tickle their tastebuds with “Blood Geyser” Blood Orange IPA.

GWAR’s new album The New Dark Ages will be released on Digital June 3rd, CD on July 15th and Vinyl and Cassette September 16th via the band’s own “Pit Records.”