Peytan Porter To Release Debut Project ‘In My Head’ On June 24th

In an era obsessed with choosing sides and validating preconceptions, alluring singer-songwriter Peytan Porter sees things a little different. She’s breaking the molds of both polished commercial Country music and the rootsy-craft behind Americana, hooking listeners with vivid tunes that feel universal yet question what we already think. With seven songs behind her debut release In My Head out June 24th, her vision comes into view. Following the latest release of “First Stone” and the organic success of her debut track “Therapy”, today Porter releases “Why We Broke Up”, as she considers getting love drunk once again – even though the hangover is terrible.

“It’s a really fitting title because I realize how much of my life has been spent living in my head,” says Porter. “Growing up, Nashville was like a real-life Disney world to me and I pulled a lot of creative inspiration from ‘Alice In Wonderland’ for the project. For me, life just isn’t as black and white as we’d like it to be and when I finally embraced that, I started painting it my own way…which is much lighter and more colorful and often rose-tinted. Like Alice, all of my biggest hopes, dreams, fears and rabbit hole ideas live right between my ears. This project touches on the best and worst of all of those things and I’m so excited for people to go down the rabbit hole and see the wonderland that is In My Head.”

Embracing the messy realities of country life, In My Head doesn’t just accept the way things are, it has a passion for what could be. Co-produced by Greg Bates and Evan Cline, its original songs trust fans to want more than fairy tales. The self-discovery anthem “Therapy” features an almost-religious transformation from delicate to determined, rejecting superficial band-aids for some real, lasting change. Matching bottle-popping sonics with a sugar-sweet vocal, “Champagne Problems” chases success. Porter speaks the brutal truth to her own heart in “You Go Girl,” and finds her own value with the nurturing soul pop of “Someone’s Love Song,” whether others see it or not. But it’s the daydreamy swagger of “In My Head” tying her debut together, written just days before recording and inspired by a tendency to imagine worst case scenarios then project them into reality.

“My goal of participating in Country music is to push it forward while honoring where it comes from,” Porter explains. “I’m the biggest Country music-history junkie you’ll find, but I also want to expose people to different ways of thinking that can connect us and make us realize what we have in common.”