Rat Rod Release New Single “Call Down The Thunder”

Philadelphia based, classic hard rock influenced quintet Rat Rod have released the single, “Call Down the Thunder” from their upcoming full-length album, Four on the Floor.

“Call Down the Thunder” is a sequel to a song off of previous album, Light ‘Em Up entitled “Peacemaker (Ballad of Tombstone)” which was inspired by the bar scene between Kurt’s Russell (Wyatt Earp) and Billy Bob Thornton (Johnny Tyler) in the movie Tombstone.

“Call Down the Thunder” takes the viewpoint of Wyatt Earp and his desire for vengeance in response to his brothers being ambushed with Virgil injured and Morgan killed. The raw emotion is characterized by this line in the song: “every bullet in my gun has got a cowboys name…” Cowboy referring to the offending outlaw gang known as the “Cowboys.”

“The title Four on the Floor is an homage to some of our influences – AC/DC, The Angels, Airbourne, Rose Tattoo, bands like that – who often use the 4-on-the-floor drum beat, a phrase expressing the fact that the bass drum hits on all 4 beats of a measure not just the 1 and 3,” says guitarist, Mark McCarty. “It’s also an obvious car reference which of course makes sense.”