stevexcooper Drops New Single

Following the release of “Never silent.” with LIFEOFTHOM, Cooper unveils “Water Wings” with acclaimed artist, Rothstein. The track is off of the pair’s upcoming collaborative EP, What Are You Made Of? Showcasing open-hearted tales of human connection in all its glory, romance, awkwardness, and uncertainty, the music was written in Brooklyn over the course of a year and a half.

Cooper shares, “This is my first producer project release that’s about relationships. I’m excited about the prospect of not only switching genres with abandon, but also switching message and content.” The uptempo “Water Wings” demonstrates Rothstein’s polished pop songwriting over Cooper’s off-kilter anthems. Cooper continues, “They’re pop tracks but without straight up pop sounds. The structures are familiar, but the guts of the place are new.” Delicate chiming synths and syncopated beats provide the backdrop for Rothstein’s glossy vocals, as he sings “It’s contagious, the way that you’re so sure we’ll be alright.”