Cat and The Queen Drop New Single “Leave Here Tonight”

Cat and The Queen, aka CATQ, is a Toronto-based musician and multidisciplinary artist. CATO has just released the single “Leave Here Tonight”.

In October 2020, Cat Montgomery returned to Toronto after being out of the city for a few months, when she was confronted—as if for the first time—with reality. Mentally, she got myself into a bad spot; in the throes of pretty severe alcohol abuse. “I couldn’t seem to get ‘it’ together,” she said. One afternoon while in her bathtub, soaking silently, she was overcome with the fantasy of ending it all.

Then something sparked in her —an urge, a need—and she was called to go to her piano. Still wet from the bath, sitting there, she wrote down the lyrics. Only a handful of her songs have flowed out with such ease and urgency. As for the second half of the song, those words took another year or so to make their way out.

“What I love about ‘Leave Here Tonight’ is that it witnesses a journey from grief and darkness to release and freedom. I broke out of the paralysis and moved into a place of high energy prayer and life summoning,” Montgomery says.

“When we touch our pain, then it has the chance to change,” she continues.

“May ‘Leave Here Tonight’ offer emotional catharsis. A gentle reminder that we need friendships and kindness in order to make sense and meaning in this insane world. Small things matter.”