Huranova Share New Video “No Name”

Huranova has shared their new single “No Name” alongside a official video. The track exemplifies the bands ability to create the kind of atmosphere that can fully engage the listener and at the same time slowly build a current of tension just below the surface. The new single was recorded at Zeta Factory Studio by Federico Ascari and Jarno Bellasio.

“Our latest single ‘No Name’ was completed in the early 2022 and it represents an evolution for our music and our attitude: we decided to darken our sound, trying to create a gloomy atmosphere in order to give shape to the meaning of the lyrics. The song is based on the idea that, like actors during a theatre performance, human beings tend to reveal different parts of themselves, depending on the context they are facing: we hide some sides of ourselves to better suit daily life social interactions, in order to be more easily “accepted”. In this way, we risk losing track of our true personality in its entirety and forgetting who we really are, in some sense. As far as the style of the song is concerned, we decided to combine metalcore atmospheres and prog metal nuances, looking for a unique “flavor”. The vocals alternate sections characterized by clean, almost feeble melodies and more aggressive parts, emphasized by the fry scream style. The instruments support the mood that the voice infuses in the song: we inserted faster rhythmic sections compared to the former singles, mixing them with delicate moments and technical phrasing. We funnel all our efforts and our passion in this song, having in mind the will to constantly better ourselves and to bring our music to as many people as possible”.