Jamie Drake Releases New Album ‘New Girl’

Today singer-songwriter Jamie Drake releases her new album New Girl via AntiFragile Music. She is also sharing the video for the LP’s “Its A New Life”.

“These last few years I’ve been on an inward journey that led me to Lisboa, Portugal, last fall. I can hardly believe what happened, and I’m happy I have this gorgeous music video – serendipitously made with an old friend who had just moved there – as proof,” she says.

“During the pandemic I discovered a recovery program called ‘Adult Children of Alcoholics’, which helped me uncover my inner child and taught me how to give myself the love I didn’t receive. Along with this, I learned to listen to my intuition, which has since set my life on a course filled with magic and adventure. Part of that adventure was meeting and writing this song with Rich Jaques, who would later become my producer for the album. The lyrics, ‘It’s a new life, and it’s all mine’ mean I get to say “YES” to myself, and I get to say “No” to anyone who wants to treat me in an unhealthy way. “I’m in love when I say goodbye” means I am living in the energy of love as a result of saying goodbye to my old self (i.e. the little girl who’d been taught she didn’t deserve love) and my inner, loving parent gets to integrate her back into my adult life in the present.”