Jenny Owen Youngs’ ‘It’s Dangerous To Go Alone’ EP Out Today

Jenny Owen Youngs’ new EP It’s Dangerous To Go Alone is out today.  The 4-track EP features songs inspired by some of Youngs’ favorite gaming pursuits from childhood to present day. She mines memories of late nights exploring the ancient lands of Hyrule in search of The Master Sword, and lazy afternoons spent rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser’s grip.

The EP’s release day focus track “Another Castle” pulls from the aforementioned allusion to Super Mario Bros. “It was the first song I wrote for this project,” shares Youngs. “I was in the middle of a highly disruptive life change, during which just about every aspect of my existence – both personal and professional – was in flux. In this frustrating and frustrated state, I found myself thinking about the way every level in Super Mario Bros ends: ‘Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle.’ Mario battles evil mushroom guys and evil turtle guys and treks through desert, sea, and freaking LAVA, and for his trouble he is repeatedly told ‘close but no cigar, my friend.’ And then… he just keeps going, ever onward to find Peach. On one hand, it’s crushing: what you seek is in some other castle, not the one you just battled your way through. On the other hand… hey, maybe it’s in the next castle.”