Sator Release New Single “Get Out Of My Way”

The second single from Sator’s long-awaited new album Return of The Barbie-Q-Killers is here.

“‘Get Out Of My Way’ was written by John Hodgson and originally performed by UK punk legends Blitzkrieg Bop. It was never recorded in a studio by the band, so we did it. It was one of the first tracks we recorded for The Return of The Barbie-Q-Killers album, and it really sums up the whole idea of the album. To find songs that should have been hits and give them the ”Sator treatment”. Maybe they will be hits now?,” says Sator’s Chips Kiesbye.

In 1994, Sator released the cover album Barbie-Q-Killers, where the band made their own versions of “obscure” punk songs.  The album quickly became a favorite among the band’s fans and the desire/demand for a sequel has haunted them ever since. After 20 years of waiting, it’s finally here. Sator – Return of The Barbie-Q-Killers.