Isabella Lovestory Shares New Song And Video

Isabella Lovestory shares her first offering of 2022, a new song “Cherry Bomb”.  The track arrives accompanied by self-directed visuals that pull from Ryū Murakami’s 1992 pink film Tokyo Decadence. Lovestory appears bathed in red light, dancing in a mirrored highrise and parting on a Mexico City rooftop with friends. The track is produced by frequent collaborator Chicken.

In her own words, Isabella describes “Cherry Bomb” as “Shiny bellybutton piercing and shiny red fireworks. Juicy cherries ripping into your lover’s mouth. Carefree, explosive and raunchy. A bitchy and greedy approach to lust. Ecstasy on the Ferris wheel.”

Isabella likes extremes. Her songs are stories of love, sex, life and the rage, ecstasy and humor in it all. “Love can be nasty and violent, it’s not always a sugary fairytale. Sex is liberating and the most primal creative expression, but this same feeling can be found in other sides of life, not everything sexy is about sex. Desire vs. freedom. Parallels and unusual dichotomies, poetry in lust. Expressing sins is healing.”