Moths Release New Single “Unbound”

Puerto Rican prog/stoner rockers Moths have released the first single from their upcoming debut album. The new track, “Unbound”, is out now complete with a lyric video.

“‘Unbound’ was one of the first tracks we wrote for this album. It’s a strong song that delves into both the atmospheric and heavy sounds of the band. Lyrically, it speaks about being done pretending, done with the world and its demands, and overcoming the pains that this life brings,” says bassist Weslie Negrón.

The debut album from Moths, Space Force, will see an August 12th, 2022 release.

“Space Force marks an evolutionary step in our music and everything we’ve created as a band up to this point. This album represents maturity both lyrically and musically, and with it, an esoteric journey for those who want to encounter challenging music. ‘Unbound’ is the first take of this musical trip, a heavy, yet catchy song that pretty much sums up what Space Force is about,” he band says about their upcoming LP.