Half-Handed Cloud’s New LP ‘Flutterama’ Out Today

Flutterama, the seventh album from Half-handed Cloud, is available now on Asthmatic Kitty Records (AKR).

“Half-handed Cloud’s music is totally singular in sound, style, voice and conviction,” says Sufjan Stevens, long time collaborator with Half-handed Cloud and owner of AKR. “There’s really nothing else like it. John Ringhofer is a true outlier in the music world and will forever be a touchstone in Asthamtic Kitty’s history. I also consider him a good friend and colleague now for over 23 years. AKR is super proud to be able to continue to support his music today and share it with the world through the ages.”

Flutterama is a record of 18 jubilant indie-pop songs by John Ringhofer, investigating spiritual incompetence with lively arrangements and radiant melodies that skillfully dissolve into deterioration.

Ringhofer’s work on Flutterama was mainly inspired by late ’50s/early ’60s pre-synthesizer academic tape music (Henk Badings, Tod Dockstader, İlhan Mimaroğlu, Malcolm Pointon), along with Frances Mary Hunter Gordon’s adolescent liturgies (recorded at Abbey Road during The Beatles era), turbid sights and sounds in Guy Maddin films, R. Stevie Moore’s home-taped pop universe, Alberto Burri’s stitched wound burlap assemblages, Lou Barlow/Dinosaur Jr’s lo-fi “Poledo” sound collage (which name-checks Jesus), Julie Canlis book A Theology of the Ordinary, Wallace Berman’s visual collage, and The Raincoats’ magnificently shaky D.I.Y. aesthetic.