New Album “Candy Colored Rain” By Janiz Out Today

Chemnitz,Germany based pop-punk band Janiz celebrates the release of their new album Candy Colored Rain today. After the singles “We All Fall Down”, “Lovebirds” and “Black Spot” have already been released, the complete work now follows.

The band deals with serious topics like depression or social exclusion and packs them into colorful sound constructs.

The emo/pop-punk band  has been busy on the road since their formation in 2015 and has shared the stage with artists like Max Giesinger and First Blood. Their ultra-modern sound combined with their highly emotional themes hits a nerve, we can’t help but feel transported back to the heyday of pop-punk in the early 2000s. But not without picking out the complexity and D.I.Y. spirit of a modern young band.

Their new EP, Candy Colored Rain, is a swan song to pretending to be okay. Depression, social exclusion, social media: Janiz sing in a mixture of Paramore, My Chemical Romance and Blink 182 about things that are unfortunately hardly ever talked about.