Plastic Harpoons Announce New LP

Today, Santa Barbara indie-rock outfit Plastic Harpoons announce their forthcoming LP, Modern World, out October 21 via Lolipop Records. To kick off the release, they’ve shared the record’s first single, “Diamond Wings”, alongside an accompanying music video.

“‘Diamond Wings’ is a story about a modern day Icarus – a man obsessed with climbing higher, disillusioned by the life that he leads. He separates himself from the masses, via drugs, material possessions, and shows of wealth. Eventually, he loses perspective, ignoring the advice of his own father along the way, leading to dire consequences. I think unintentionally the song is also a metaphor for my thoughts on the current state of modern man. The song, originally just played on acoustic is filled out with snappy slide guitar, jangling piano, a grounding and pocketed baseline, and no-nonsense drums, paired with a rambling Dylan-esque vocal,” says vocalist Taylor Casey.