The Early Mays ‘ New Single “On A Dying Day” Out Today

Today, Pittsburgh-based duo The Early Mays (Ellen Gozion and Emily Pinkerton) have released “On A Dying Day”, the latest single from their forthcoming EP, Prettiest Blue, due out on July 1. The song was written by Pinkerton, who drew inspiration from the shores of Lake Michigan, where she was raised.

“I go to the dunes whenever I can. It’s a place where I can make sense of who I am in the world, especially when things get hard,” Pinkerton says. “I tried to make the banjo sound like rolling waves. In a similar way, the words of ‘On a Dying Day’ ‘roll’ back and forth, as the last lines of one stanza grow into the first line of the next,” she explains of the song, the structure of which she derived from Chilean folk poetry. “‘On a Dying Day’ is about finding redemption at the shore.” Its release follows lead single “The Ballad Of Johnny Fall,” a newly-composed “old-time” murder ballad that challenges the misogynistic themes of traditional Appalachian murder ballads.