Tim Baker Shares New Single “Some Day”

Tim Baker, internationally celebrated singer/songwriter, award winning indie-rock band-leader (Hey Rosetta!), and 2020 Juno award “Songwriter of The Year” nominee, returns with a start of summertime song buoyant with piano, horns and vocal harmonies that is a truly free and easy song for your heart.

“As a living human being, I’ve always enjoyed upbeat pop shuffles full of heartfelt lyrics and playful countermelodies,” says Tim. “The ‘song’ just sort of fell out – one of those easy writes that rushes out and requires only light editing. As soon as I played it with my friends Ben Whiteley and Phil Melanson, and we sunk into that shuffle, and they wailed those falsetto backups there in Ben’s garage, I couldn’t wait to record this and get it out into the world.”

“It’s very simply about the desire to start again someday, somewhere new, where you can be a better version of yourself, and live a fuller, richer, truer life than what you are currently living.”