Imogen Clark Releases “Nonchalant”

Hot off the heels of her AIR Awards nomination for Best Pop Album/EP, Western Sydney indie artist Imogen Clark will release her new single “Nonchalant”, which also celebrates reaching the halfway point of her mammoth ‘100 Shows in 100 Days’ tour.

The new single, already a live favorite, sees Imogen in the producer chair for the first time, along with co-writer Sam Phay (a respected artist and producer in his own right), determined to bring the intensity of the song’s emotional core to the track.

“I wrote this song with Sam and Demi Louise at the start of the year, burning with turmoil over this guy who was keeping me on the hook and watching me squirm. It was tearing me apart and I brought that energy into the session,” Imogen recalls. “Every time I’ve played this live, women come up to me and tell me I need to release it, so I decided to get this out there for all the people who need a place to put their feelings about a fuckboy in their life”.