Kali releases new EP ‘Maltman and Effie’

17-year-old singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Kali releases their EP Maltman and Effie via Nettwerk. Across the project’s 6 songs, Kali adds to their already-expansive palette of sounds that they first showed with their debut EP Circles released last year. Maltman and Effie draws its name from the Los Angeles intersection where many of the memories that formed the project took place, unfurling six cinematic stories of the teenage intensity of relationship highs and lows. Kali will be performing in LA at the Moroccan Lounge on August 11th and tickets are available starting at 10am PT today.

Coupled with the EP’s release, Kali shares the video for the standout track “Insomnia”, directed by Aerin Moreno (Madison Beer, Girlpool, Olivia O’Brien), which once again finds the artist sharing the screen with a character wearing the slug mask, an item that has become a defining element of symbolism throughout Kali’s recent releases.

Speaking about the new EP and the meaning behind the slug mask, Kali says: “I bought the slug mask on a whim about a month prior to me making the songs which turned into ‘Maltman and Effie.’ It was the kind of item that I saw and knew that I had to have it. I started wearing it as a party trick because I suffer from social anxiety like everyone else my age. After I finished demoing the EP, I began to realize that the songs were more about myself, and my insecurities than they were about the physical circumstances that allowed me to reach this point of introspection. Along with the title, Maltman and Effie the slug represents my cynical but monstrous conscience, blending both my light and darkness, which is also correlated with my gender identity being ambiguous. The title comes from a street in Silverlake, but in my head, it sounds like ‘Maltman’ is my deviant and negative self-perception whereas ‘Effie’ is my lighthearted stability. The slug mask represents the unity in opposites.”