Stewart Taylor Drops “Maybe We Shouldn’t Talk”

Pop singer-songwriter Stewart Taylor drops his latest catchy single, “Maybe We Shouldn’t Talk”.  The song is about breaking ties with an ex-boyfriend, it’s perfect for Pride Month, inspiring listeners to prioritize themselves first over messy relationships. With crisp, commercial production, along with intricate pop and R&B riffs, the sound alludes to artists like Maroon 5 and Charlie Puth, which is fitting as Stewart Taylor has collaborated with Puth in the past. The two met at Berklee College Of Music after hitmaker Kara DioGuardi paired them up to write and record together.

On the story behind the song, Stewart says, “’Maybe We Shouldn’t Talk’ was written the moment I realized that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to keep talking to my ex-boyfriend. It can be difficult to maintain boundaries with someone you used to date when you’re still in love with them. But I’ve found sometimes it’s better not to talk when the relationship was as toxic as mine. We still talk to this day (though we’re nicer to each other now) and he even likes the song I wrote about him.” Stewart hopes people can relate to his catchy new single— whether or not you have an ex you can’t get rid of, you’re bound to dance along to this energetic bop.