Ben Shemie Shares “The Return”

SUUNS frontman Ben Shemie shares “The Return” from Solo LP Desiderata with the Molinari String Quartet.

“‘The Return’ is the last song and the conclusion of Desiderata. It is our hero’s return to earth, and a yearning for connection. The tightly arranged strings of the album give way to repetitive riffs of a TB303 synthesizer. The voyage into the deepest recesses of the universe reveal that the end is merely the beginning, and that the distant stars are actually inside of all of us.”

The album was made with Canadian contemporary ensemble the Molinari String Quartet. It’s a fusion of sci-fi electronic pop and heady chamber music, and for me it calls to mind a glossy and cold future cityscape, Blade Runner style. When Ben says it’s “a soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t exist” he’s not kidding.

It’s a lot to digest but the sonic world is fascinating and so skillfully put together, especially considering the diversity of the material. I think you’ll find a lot to keep your attention.