John Moods Releases New Single “It Ain’t Your Time”

Indie artist John Moods from Berlin just released his new single and video that includes really cute old footage of him as a kid. He released his second album last year via Arbutus Records. Moods’ music was featured on Hulu’s High Fidelity and HBO’s High Maintenance and he just came back from a European tour with TOPS.

“When this song comes on, I think of us humans, our folly, the incessant dance of life, all the mess, the large scale and the little joys, the abundance of wisdom and the lack thereof, the serene beauty of cemeteries, business men trying to grab things quickly, people conning themselves and each other, the perspective of an eagle, the hearing of a bat… It is definitely a marriage of the zoomed in and the zoomed out. A grand collage of everything but for me it is about time passing, about that nothing I do will ever stop the flow and what else can you do but swim along.”