Connor Garvey Releases “The Man I Want To Be”

Award-winning singer-songwriter Connor Garvey releases third single “The Man I Want To Be” today from the forthcoming album Another End of a Year available July 21.

“The Man I Want To Be” is a love song about loneliness and longing that is reminiscent of John Denver is its earnest sincerity, lyricism and delivery.

Connor reflects on the song origins: “What comes to mind when you’re floating along for days in the North Atlantic Ocean thousands of miles away from the person you love, hundreds of miles from land, and traveling alone on a ship with just yourself and a Russian crew of 9? In-between longing and looking ahead is all the time in the world to think of everything you’d want to say to them if only you had a chance. Here are the first 355 words that came to mind for me. I was lonely but realized my loneliness was a fortunate kind. Not everybody’s loneliness comes from the same place. I was lonely because I had someone to miss that I was going to be able to return to. This filled me with a great sense of appreciation and that launched me into writing my deepest love song to date.”