Cinnamon Babe Drops Music Video For “Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Black”

Cinnamon Babe is back with the third single off their upcoming debut album. The nu-metal solo project of actress, model, and social media hustler Stormi Maya, Cinnamon Babe released “Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Black” on Friday – and now fans can check out the music video for the track.

Already addressing issues like mental health on the song “Pure O” and sexual power dynamics with “Messiah”, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Black” touches on one of the most ‘saying the quiet part out loud’ topics in entertainment culture – the typecasting of where black people do and do not feel embraced. From the fetishizing of black culture to the concept of what activities do and don’t fit with the black experience, the song points back to Rock n’ Roll’s roots to explain why no explanation should be needed.

“As POC/Black people in this space, I feel we have to constantly prove our position – we have to explain that we are not ‘whitewashed’ nor traitors to our culture. Many times in our own community, we are seen as outcasts if we listen to anything outside of Hip-Hop and R&B. We are outcasts in our own communities if we dress punk, wear dark makeup and black nail polish, listen to metal or watch anime. Anything not stereotypically black makes us seem like “weirdos” or ‘outcasts’.”