doubleVee Release New Full Length Album

doubleVee announces the release of their new album Treat Her Strangely, available today via digital retail outlets, with CDs available via the doubleVee website shop and by ordering from local record stores. The band was grateful to collaborate for a third time with Salt Lake City-based artist Grant Fuhst on the album’s artwork.

Treat Her Strangely features guest musicians Brent Williams (violin/viola), Christi Wans (trumpet/piccolo trumpet) and Kevin Webb (trombone.) Produced and recorded in doubleVee’s home studio, final mixing and mastering was finished with Wes Sharon of 115 Recording.

The album was preceded by two singles and music videos: “When Dawn Comes Tonight” and “Matador Bell”. “Matador Bell” is the band’s extension and re-imagining of Matador from Allan’s 2000 Starlight Mints album The Dream That Stuff Was Made Of. A video for the final track on the album, “The Question’s Closed”, releases today. Allan and Barb recruited two members to join their live line-up and are aiming for live performances this fall.