Powerwolf Enters the Official German Album Charts at #1

Currently reigning as Germany’s most successful heavy metal band, Powerwolf has once again entered the Official German Album Charts at #1! With The Monumental Mass – A Cinematic Metal Event, produced by Jörg Michael Musielak, Powerwolf delivered the new benchmark for music streaming events at the end of 2021. After months of detailed work, a story was crafted and presented in several chapters based on stunning music and elaborately staged cinematic scenes. If you thought you’d seen it all in the live sector, you’ll be proven wrong with this visually stunning event. Now, the breathtaking streaming event has finally been released on DVD, BluRay and many other physical formats and went straight to #1 on the Official German Album Charts.

“What a special award for this exceptional band and the label! Powerwolf, a name in the metal scene that always ensures top quality, plus the team at Napalm Records, which has implemented perfectly here and provides the fans with the products they want, create the perfect storm! We are glad that the band has such loyal fans and music lovers who appreciate quality in the form of a high-caliber physical product. Something like this drives the band and the label to continue investing in such quality. Thank you for this great support! It’s thanks to you that we get to celebrate such successes in the first place,” says Napalm Records founder and owner Markus Riedler congratulating the band.