Suspyria Announce New Album ‘The Valley Of Despair’

Melbourne based rock/metal band Suspyria have announced details about their new album The Valley Of Despair, set to be released on October 7th. Produced by Christopher Vernon (Stuck Out, Deadlights, Better Half…), The Valley Of Despair includes nine new tracks introduced by the first single “The Damage”.

“After our debut release Regression in 2019, just as we started our journey as a band in the Melbourne music scene, the world stopped. COVID halted us just as we’d left the start line. The band were stuck in this predicament of what to do. We’d spent so much time invested in this, we couldn’t stop now? Could we? No, we couldn’t, so we went inward and started working on our sophomore follow up release. It started with the need for a purpose, a context to our endeavour and a reason to write. This next record was going to be dark and gloomy, something heavy with 00s inspired riffs, a colossal cascade of drums, and thundering low end to break down some walls. We decided to write about loss & death. Loss is a broad contention to write a record on, but when focussed in, we started to think about what we’d lost in our lives. Death was something that a few of us had first hand experience in. Losing loved ones is a traumatic and powerful thing to go through. There is a lot of pain and suffering to be touched on. But there is beauty in the pain when you can channel it, create art to visualise that pain. And turn it into something timeless to carry the memory of those you lost,” says frontman Terence Stevens.