Daniele Luppi Enlists Cigarettes After Sex’s Greg Gonzalez For New EP

Los Angeles-based artist, Daniele Luppi announces his collaborative EP with Cigarettes After Sex’s Greg Gonzalez, Charm of Pleasure. The forthcoming project is the platonic ideal of two separate artistic sensibilities melding to create something totally new. Across Charm of Pleasure‘s five tracks, Gonzalez and Luppi fuse their compositional elegance and dream-pop sensibilities to craft music that sounds like nothing either of them has accomplished before—while also making perfect sense within their own catalogs. Coupled with the EP announcement, is the first offering “You Never Loved”, which arrives with visuals directed by Luppi himself of a contemporary dancer floating around a vacant library in an emerald green suit.

While creating Charm of Pleasure, Luppi and Gonzalez drew inspiration from a variety of sources—from the futuristic decay of the classic film Blade Runner to the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright—to create thoughtful, deliberate music that nonetheless sounds like a curlicue of smoke wafting in front of your eyes: inviting, beautiful, and with a vanishing impermanence that lingers long after the needle runs off the grooves.