The Overcoming Project Premieres The Playthrough Video for “Determination”

Melbourne metal artist The Overcoming Project released his crushing new single “Determination” featuring world class metal musicians such as Mike Heller of Fear Factory, Jon Howard of Threat Signal and Sergei “Efes” Fomin of FS Projekt.

“Determination” treats listeners to blistering fretwork, death metal-esque riffage, Heller’s pummeling rhythms, Howard’s larger than life vocals and cinematic orchestral arrangements, sure to satiate heavy music fans across the globe. This track is the second installment from the self-titled singles collection based on Dr. Mike Trubetskov’s personal journey navigating immigration, a Doctorate degree, Type I Diabetes and discovering his passion for metal music production. Each note and lyric is saturated with the urgency to keep pushing through uncertainty and fear because the reward on the other side is worth the blood, sweat and tears.

“I really dug deep to share my most authentic experience for the listeners, from the times where I was bullied throughout my doctorate to every other challenge that life threw at me. This song is about facing my own inner demons and recognising what brought me happiness and breaking out of the conventional norms that society puts on us. I’m sharing my sincerest and desperate breakthroughs that led to massive personal growth, through which I got the chance to work with musicians who have inspired me for years, and, in turn, I hope to inspire you,” says Trubetskov.