Amiture Share Single+Video “Thaw”

The music video for Amiture’s extended mix of “Thaw” is a collaborative experiment between Amiture’s Jack Whitescarver and New York based filmmaker Cyrus Duff.

“I had a very specific idea about a short film that used the tropes of the corporate-espionage thriller genre that was most popular during the 2000’s. My interest in these films comes from what I find to be an unstudied “anti-desire” position the powerful corporate protagonists frequently occupy. Cyrus and I worked together to imagine the story of this protagonist and challenged ourselves to visualize a psychological reality that was always present in these genre films but rarely centered. We worked with an amazing group of people to execute this including May Daniels as the Operative, as well as Anna Santangelo and Andrew Wallace who generously worked together to style and dress the performers,” says Jack Whitescarver.

“The extended video mix for ‘Thaw’ happened simultaneously to the development and production of its music video. The original idea started with the original song- but soon both ideas expanded into something larger and darker. I imagined this remix as opening up the original track and seeing how deep we can go psychologically and still dance.”