Beau Nair Released His Sophomore Album ‘Beaudacious’ Today

After years on the road crisscrossing the United States playing Honky Tonks, saloons, pool halls, and trailer parks alike, prolific outlaw country singer-songwriter Beau Nair recently released his debut album Truth Or Nair on July 1st and now Beau is following up with his sophomore album Beaudacious today. This new album follows the success of his music videos for singles “I’m So Hard” and “Funk You” off his previous album. The later of the two videos was directed by legendary director Kii Arens who has worked with artists like, Chuck Berry, AC/DC, Paul McCartney and more! Now Beau is ready to release more new music to his adoring fans with his latest release Beaudacious. This is the second album release from Beau in the last couple months with plans to release an album a month into the new year.

Beau Nair is not your run of the mill Country artist. At an early age he mastered the bass guitar and decided that he was going to bring something to country music that it had always sorely lacked: FUNK. In marrying the two genres, Beau Nair created Funktry, a style to unify his sweet melodies and saucy lyrics with a groove so deep it’ll leave marks on your sphincter. No better is that uniquely Beau Nair Funktry heard than on his debut album Truth Or Nair as well as his latest release Beaudacious.

When asked about his latest album Beaudacious, Beau said, “Beaudacious is the kind of album I dreamed of making when I was young. It’s chock full of funky grooves, epic stories and tall tales with a healthy dose of sexual tension and belly laughs. Being that I write, perform and produce my own songs, you’re getting an unadulterated flow of epic music from my bedazzled brain. I aim both low and high, hitting your heart and emotional center while squarely wiggling your booty and loins. You’re welcome!” Similarly when asked about his plan to release a slew of albums every month until the new year, Beau said, “During lockdown, I holed up in my studio in the mountains armed with enough food, weed and mushrooms to last me many months. Out of this deep, solitary time came a flood of songs unlike any I have previously unleashed. As this torrent of tunes poured forth, I envisioned each album title and cover with my third eye and manifested myself into a stunning reality which is only now coming to a very public fruition. So I am going to do what no artist would-or could- do: release an album a month until I’m done. I figure I can stretch on into the new year but for now, I want to get this first half dozen out into the world.”