Crystal Rose Releases Her New Single  “Thought I’d Say”

Brooklyn’s Crystal Rose has released her new single “Thought I’d Say” from her forthcoming album Anew due out December 2nd. “Thought I’d Say” was the first song created for the project with her creative collaborator Emi Trevena who produced and co-wrote on Anew. It depicts a trustworthy love connection and friendship. The song started out as an experiment, the chords and verses stemming from an old voice memo of Crystal Rose’s with the lighthearted chorus written by Trevena, and the words written with a soft teasing and playfulness in mind. Its medium disco-esque groove and soulful chordal harmony filled the song with spirit. The songs on Anew, starting with “Thought I’d Say” were created to with the intention to give sensitivity back its power. For Rose, the process came from the immediacy of needing to share and communicate with the world and the people around her.