Damion Shares “Your Secret is Safe With Me”

Today, Bloomington, IN singer-songwriter Damion (Damion Schiralli) shares “Your Secret is Safe With Me”, the final single and focus track off his brand new debut solo LP, Special Interest, out today via Earth Libraries. Damion’s debut project contains a deeply nostalgic, throw-back feel, with jangly guitar and a soothing lo-fi haze.

“The song is about secrets, but only because that’s what felt right in the context of the music. I always write the music first, so the mood is typically established there. I knew the last line of that chorus needed to be the hook, and one day a co-worker confided something in me, and I sort of jokingly said ‘your secret is safe with me,’ because to me that phrase can’t be said in a very serious way. But those words just sort of stuck with me, so I decided to write the song around that hook,” says Damion.

“I wanted to write a song that sounds like it oozes out of the speakers.”