lund Shares New Single “Paper Tiger”

Today, Asheville, NC-based singer/songwriter Nicole Lund, who makes music under the moniker lund, has unveiled “Paper Tiger”, the latest track from her debut LP, Right This Time, out on September 9th. The song was co-written by Lund, Tyler “The Falcon” Greenwell, and Brandon Townsend. “This tune is the opening track on the record and we love how it turned out,” Lund says. “It’s a little grungy and has some grit, we purposely cranked the guitars.”

“The song is about being let down by a lover or a ‘Paper Tiger,’ a person that pretends to be everything to everyone (powerful/dangerous) but in the end is nothing to anyone,” added Greenwell. “In this respect, it’s about the utter failure of the modern man towards women.”