Mercy Union Release New Album ‘White Tiger’ Today

Mt. Crushmore Records and New Jersey-based rock band Mercy Union announce the release of White Tiger, the trio’s second full-length studio album. Inspired by memories of frontman Jared Hart’s formative years and the connection to late-nineties/early-aughts radio rock his older sister would blast in her car, the songs on White Tiger not only capture the spirit and essence of those years and the powerful magic of its music, but are bursting at the seams with it. A homage to that pivotal time in Hart’s life, White Tiger is a wide-eyed and windows-down rush that ties in his new found confidence as a musician with the music of his youth.

It’s a statement of intent and a doubling down of ambition, as well as a set of songs that had the whole weight of existence on their shoulder. “The ultimate theme going into this record,” explains Hart, “was if this is the last record I ever make, I’m going to make the thing I’ve always wanted to make.”