RiverGhost Heat Things Up With “Bluebird”

Riverghost emerges with their fifth single to date; “Bluebird” and slows things down from a musical standpoint while expanding the meaning behind their lyrical content. “Bluebird” brings their soulful sound to a higher level.

Though “Bluebird” channels a silkier sound than songs heard in Riverghost’s back catalogue, it retains their signature grit and guitar-driven rhythm and blues. The vocals lift you up and the harmonies take you on a trip you didn’t know you needed- straight to rock n’ roll church. Riverghost exemplifies diversity while maintaining a crucial tenacity.

“Kaige [Dvelle] and Randy (Boots) work together like they have been on the same team for their entire lives, kind of a Steven Tyler/Joe Perry synergy when they are in the room together. In the studio, working with the team was just effortless. All I had to do was stay out of the way and not mock it up,” says Tim Dolbear, producer on the track.
“If you love that four on the floor rock’n roll, if you love songs that hang in your mind, pump your heart and haunt your soul…buckle up, it’s coming fast,” says the band.