Sofi Vonn Releases Her Latest Single “Famous” Today

London based New York born electronic pop singer-songwriter Sofi Vonn released her latest single “Famous” today, following the success of her recently released single “Songs” both of which will be featured on her upcoming sophomore EP. This also follows the success of Sofi’s recently released stand-alone singles “what you started”, “Ghost,” and “Best I Can” as well as the success of her debut EP That Was A Close Call that was released at the end of 2021.  Born and raised in New York City to German parents, she grew up in the artistic driven West Village neighborhood drawing musical influence from a variety of different backgrounds which has given her the freedom to come up with an artistic style that is uniquely her own.

When asked about her new single “Famous” Sofi said, ” I’m fascinated by the cause and effects of fame. I was walking down the street one day and thought to myself, what would happen if I became famous? Would people be nicer? Would they like me more? It’s funny because everyone wants to be famous ….. I knew then it was super relatable and the lyrics and melody just immediately came to me. I’m so excited to finally share this song with everyone.”