Sunfruits Share “Made To Love”

Nearly two years on from their last single release, “Mushroom Kingdom”, Australian psychedelic pop outfit Sunfruits have returned with a new garage-rock anthem, “Made To Love.”

Produced by Theo Carbo and mixed / mastered by John Lee at Phaedra Studios (The Murlocs, Bananagun), “Made To Love” showcases an exciting, fresh direction for the group. Written by frontman Winter McQuinn over Melbourne’s harshest lockdown, it’s a fiery 2:30-minute track about running away with your soulmate to escape the hellish landscape of life under capitalism. Filled with distorted guitar riffs, duelling vocals, ethereal strings and crunchy bass and drum combo, this track throws it back to the glam-rock sounds of T-Rex and the 70s revivalism of Ty Segall, showcasing a powerful maturity in the band’s sound and songwriting.

“Made To Love” while he and his partner Acacia Coates were living in regional Victoria during the 2021 lockdown. McQuinn says, “We wrote the lyrics together when we were both feeling the pull and desire to move out of the city and get away from the nine-to-five lifestyle. The song’s message follows this desire about wanting to leave the city life behind and enjoy each other’s company as we ride out the Apocalypse,” says McQuinn.