Lisabel Explore Familial Devotion On New Single “Flor de Louis”

Italian born, London-based artist Lisabel has just unveiled her new single “Flor de Louis”.

Her latest single “Flor de Louis” is a pop/dance/funk track filled with synth pads, arpeggiators, synth leads, powerful grooves, vocal harmonies and a funky bass. Like most music that Lisabel has written and produced together with her long term collaborator Nikola Kovačević, a London based pianist, producer and mixing engineer, the song takes the listener onto an unpredictable journey made of distinctive structural sections that have the power to convey different moods and to surprise the listener.

“Flor de Louis” is about Lisabel’s relationship and bond with her brother, she shares, “I wrote the song a few years ago when I was boarding a plane to go back to London after spending time with my family in Italy. I always had a strong bond with my brother, we inspire each other to grow in our respective careers and lives in a way that to me is very special and unique. It’s hard to live in different countries but we are always connected even when we’re far.”