Peace Ritual Unveil New Single “Cold Shoulder”

Peace Ritual prove they’re here to stay with their new single “Cold Shoulder” accompanied by the announcement of the impending release of their debut self titled EP, out September 2 via Last Ride Records.

“‘Cold Shoulder’ embodies all that it is to dream and wish to be somewhere else when life takes a wrong turn. ‘Cold Shoulder’ wrestles with deep-hearted disappointments that affect your sense of worth or self esteem, when dreams, hopes or relationships fall apart that you once felt so certain of,” tells vocalist Joel Martorana.

“Years ago Tom and I would call each other weekly to think our film or creative ideas out loud, and we would inspire each other whenever things really felt idle – we’d often joke or talk about randomly moving to LA to try and push for some sense of creative breakthrough or to run from our problems. Lines like “…Lets go down to Hollywood… Feeling like we’re bulletproof” is a bit of a throwback to that time.”