Claudia Valentina Releases Music Video For “Sweat”

UK artist Claudia Valentina has just dropped the steamy video for her new single “Sweat”. The single is from her forthcoming EP Foreign Affair out September 9th.

“I’m fascinated with different sounds from around the world and as I’m from a small island, I longed to get out of there and discover a new world of sounds since I was young. Growing up in London and LA has allowed me to be exposed to different types of music through the people I work with. I’m inspired by the producers I work with and their own individual sounds and I learn so much about different cultures of music through them so I like to merge all these sounds together to create something that’s unique while putting my own musical stamp on everything to tie it all together. This EP is global sounding, it encompasses everything that has touched and inspired me in my life,” says Claudia about her upcoming EP.