Office Culture Announces New Album ‘Big Time Things’

Today, Office Culture—the Brooklyn-based band featuring pianist-songwriter Winston Cook-Wilson, guitarist Ian Wayne, bassist Charlie Kaplan, and drummer Pat Kelly—released “Big Time Things,” the title track from their forthcoming third album out on September 30th.

“’Big Time Things’ is about expecting the worst to happen while hoping for the best, and playing out nightmare scenarios in your head. It’s about how scary it is to be on the precipice of giving yourself over to a powerful emotion,” says Cook-Wilson about the song.  It features Caitlin Pasko and Carmen Q. Rothwell on backing vocals, Alec Spiegelman on bass clarinet, Cole Kamen-Green on electric valve instrument, and Jeremy and Christopher McDonald on synthesizers.

The track arrived alongside a Kyle Wilson-animated music video.  “I wanted to feature architecture (of the mind) and deceptive imagery, using Winston’s watercolor paintings as vessels for movement through the mental landscape. As I usually only use found images, it was fun collaborating and finding creative ways for both mediums to interact and coexist. Each scene represents progressive steps navigating “big time things” in one’s own life and how they affect others and the self,”says Wilson about the process.