Dust In The Sunlight Share Video For “Handful of Water”

Following the release of their sophomore EP Same World, Different Eyes, Dust In The Sunlight return with their video for “Handful Of Water”. The visual is the third in a series of choreographed videos and comes as the final piece of the puzzle.

Directed by Alex Newton, the video captures the essence of the EP through choreography from Kat Collings. Sharing more about the concept for the video, Alex Newton shared: “The idea for ‘Handful of Water’ was born out of the Nike ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ split screen advert from a few years back. The ad fuses footage of amateur athletes with pro Nike athletes to make one conjoined image. The plan was to imitate this but with two dancers, in two different locations performing a routine that had been choreographed specifically for the video and for this visual motif.”

“Our twist on this led to us adopting a different editing technique where we’d cut directly between the dancers as opposed to splitting the screen. This gave the whole video a very different energy which I felt better suited the song and the footage we had. The final video reflects this change. One performance, sewn together using two dancers to make something greater than the sum of its parts.”

Written in the first moments of freedom post-lockdown, “Handful of Water” is a moment of new perspective and a reminder to trust your gut. The theme of perspective runs throughout the EP and it’s something that the new video echoes wonderfully.

“We wrote about that feeling of being cornered into a way of living or being with someone that doesn’t feel right… and kind of saying that life is too short for that. It’s very easy to dwell on things that have gone wrong, relationships that haven’t worked out, or people who have hurt you. A way out of that is to take a second to look around and realise how tiny and huge everything is at the same time. It’s very grounding.”