Jordan Reyes Announces ‘Everything Is Always’

Chicago-based musician and multi-media artist Jordan Reyes today announced his new album Everything Is Always, will release on his own American Dreams imprint on October 28th. The album follows a string of projects, collaborations, and solo releases, which have gained Reyes acclaim. Alongside the announcement, Reyes shared lead album preview “The Tide” and a Kali Khan co-directed music video.

“‘The Tide’ is the song on Everything Is Always that most explicitly deals with death,” says Reyes: “One of the landlords in my last apartment was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that gradually took away their physical and mental faculties. I lived on the first floor of a duplex with them on the second floor – because I work from home, and because the walls and ceilings were relatively thin, I heard the decline, and occasionally witnessed it firsthand. ‘The Tide’ refers to a particular instance when their partner called me after they had collapsed. ‘Open the front door – the fire department is here.’ A team of medical professionals ran in with a stretcher, only to leave with our landlord moments later. They lived, but soon went into hospice care. It shook me – I had never been so continuously close to death,” says Reyes.

“When I began learning about and engaging with Zen and Buddhism, the motif of a tide going in and out – all the while a wave – helped me grapple with impermanence. Framing the body as part of a larger organism – the universe – is an enduring process, but the song’s finishing mantra helps me manage.”