Loyle Carner Releases New Single “Georgetown”

“Georgetown” sees Loyle Carner continue to boldly and bravely explore new dimensions, not only in his music but in his personal history as well.

“Black like the key on the piano, white like the key on the piano,” says Carner.

“John Agard’s poem ‘Half-caste’ had a heavy impact on me. To see someone who was older, that looked like me, sharing a reflection of a similar lived experience made me feel comfortable/proud to not fit in. It kinda gave me the permission to finally write explicitly about being mixed. There’s so much beauty in the gaps in-between, and in some ways this song touches on that. For me, it’s about finding this inner confidence through understanding of self, and spending time back home. It is a representation of finally feeling like one whole person instead of two halves. Also another piece of the MADloyle puzzle. More on the hard drive.”