Pohgoh Announce New Album ‘du und ich’

Spartan Records and Tampa, Florida’s Pohgoh announce the Friday, November 4th release of the band’s third album titled du und ich – German for “you and I”.  This collection of 11 earnest, energetic, hook-laden tracks find the cult-beloved act at its most joyfully defiant. The album is an us-against-the-world sentiment those lucky enough to spend the last two-and-a-half years locked down with a loved one can easily take to heart.

The album’s first single, “Weeds” elaborates on Pohgoh’s Susie Ulrey’s daily fears of living with Multiple Sclerosis, love and loss, and learning how to live through the uncertanty of a global pandemic.

“After my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis one year into our marriage, Keith and I became an ‘us against the world’ kind of couple. We’ve been in the weeds together since 2001, ducking every curveball MS throws at us. ‘Weeds’ is about living with illness and loss and the uncertainty that the pandemic brought into all of our lives. It’s about how we were all locked down with our families with that strange combination of reconnection, tedium and the unknowns that we were faced with. It’s also about the people we love that are grieving, too, and how grief doesn’t ever really go away. You have to make space for it and carry it with you,” says Utley.

“The ending reintroduced a part from a song I wrote in 1997 about my mom’s diagnosis of MS. We’re all singing together in an attempt to reassure ourselves that we can hold on.”